Speculoos Cookie Baking with Haba

 Speculoos Lekker Lekker


If you don’t know yet, I am Belgian. Belgians have a few products we export widely and as ‘Geert Hoste’ a local comedian was mocking with our Prince ( now King ) Philippe while he was on a ‘big’ trade mission in the Far East. He assumed our Prince stated: “I am Crown Prince Philippe, from Belgium. We are proud to export Belgian beer, Belgian chocolate and… Speculoos pasta.”

A thing or two you should know about Belgians and our culture:

  • Generally speaking we are not patriotic. We do not have that ‘we’ feeling. For instance we speak of THE football team having won A match (as if), however my partner who is British will always state WE (england) have won xyz, as if he were on the field and having scored a goal (as if).
  • We do kind of mock our royalty, and see them as a necessary cost. However no-one really knows their value (please correct me if I am wrong)
  • The best ( ?!)  product that ever came from our Belgian ‘Dragons Den’ is ‘Speculoos Pasta‘, a Nutella type paste to put on bread made from Lotus (=the brand) Speculoos (=the type) cookies.

Obviously Lotus commercialised a long existing recipe for cookies which I will now share with all of you.

Speculoos Recipe


  • 400 g flour
  • 200g melted or liquid butter
  • 350g dark sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 big spoon of water
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder

Mix the butter till it thickens to a cream like consistency.  Add the sugar, the egg yolk, water and cinnamon.  Once mixed with a wooden spoon add the flour and baking powder and knead till it’s a consistent dough.

Let the dough rest for 24 hours in a cool location. Knead again.  And roll into a sausage and slice cookies off about 1cm thick.  Alternatively roll the dough with a  rolling pin and cut out the desired shapes.

Arrange cookies on a greased baking plate and bake for 15 minutes on 200 degrees.

How to bake Speculoos cookiesNormally Belgians eat Speculoos when they celebrate Saint Nicholas on December 6th (and more frequently throughout the year served with coffee or as paste on their sandwiches).

But me and Chloe used Haba’s Christmas Cookie Cutters to make festive cookies!

Haba Christmas Cookie Cutters

The six cutters (Angel, Christmas Tree, Star, shooting star and heart) are made from stainless steel and are dishwasher safe (bonus!) We tested and they really do look as new after a dish wash.

IMG_1064The tin can be used to store the cookies while the cutters are being washed (that was exactly how long Daddy took to gobble through our load!), so unfortunately we were unable to decorate them the next day. But we definitely will give it another try and hide them better!

IMG_0968Please note that if you use these cookie cutters which are truly toddler cookie sized, you might want to keep your cookies in the oven for 12-13 minutes instead of 15+ as you can see we had a few slightly burned ones.  No problem for Daddy though :0!

The cookie cutters can also be used to make festive decoration with the kids!


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