Top Gifts for 5+ year olds and their educational value

To help you choose the perfect present, we’ve put together the top 5 (6) toys in each age group based on parent blogger votes and bestsellers of all times!  Watch out for all blog posts per age group! Each list contains ideas for both stocking fillers and bigger gifts. These toys are bound to be a hit with your children, and you!

Christmas Gifts for pre-schoolers

Life is more fun if you play games. ” Author: Roald Dahl

Once at school children understand the concepts of taking turns, sharing and collaborating.  These are skills that need practising and developing but school age children tend to find real joy in playing together, working together to solve a puzzle or complete a game. It is at this age that family games come to the fore and afternoons can be lost in the building of elaborate and complex ball tracks, making the finest of sand castles or completing tasks in a fantasy role play game. This is the time to introduce planning and strategy, short cuts and tricks!


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