Point + Shoot putting on a show


Comment please?

Friday night I was packing parcels till about 4 am, and Saturday morning we need to be up and out the house early as the estate agents was coming around with the buyer.  A little sleep deprived and under time pressure to get C dressed so we could all go out to have breakfast, I offered here a cookie. BIG mistake! The only way to get her dressed and into the pram without having and elephantantrum, was if she held at least one hand on the cookie tin…

Once at breakfast little miss decide to pull face and entertain all the nearby tables, with her regular charm that often makes me blush outside the house. The kid definitely has more confidence that me! I admire her for walking into a room and going up to everyone saying Hello and asking to play.







A short point shoot for this weekend as we spend the rest of the weekend working, attending Christmas fairs and packing shipments!

Are you kids overly confident or rather shy?


4 responses to “Point + Shoot putting on a show

  1. I love this, our daughters sound SO similar! I also like her style with the biscuit tin, she’s a girl after my own heart.
    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot


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