Point + Shoot : the one where she bribes the Elf

I love what I do

I am loving being so busy for the shop, loving the constant Xmas influx of orders and loving packing lot’s of shipments late night while the little one is in bed and I love getting up in the morning to more orders. I loved the look on the courier guy’s face this morning seeing the immense pile of shipments going out. It has been a good weekend for business! Yay! It energises to see that all our efforts we made the passed year are paying off, and who knows I might be able to afford myself a coffee in January…

For the first time in 12 months I saw my partner being genuinely supportive of my the shop and he (IT architect) is slowly starting the improved database management and looking into the parts he can do for getting a new site up and running some time in 2014. (So far everything site / marketing etc has been done by myself). It’s great to be supported and also to be able to collaborate with people I’ve met online the passed year and there are lot’s of idea’s in my head for 2014 and it’s great to hear this morning we have the full back-up of our suppliers to push forward and keep spreading the eco values and knowledge.

An a little sadder note: our lovely bug shipment tape is now finished and I am using my last roll of this funky one. If you sell really cute sturdy tape without me having to purchase 10 000 rolls and at reasonable wholesale price, please do contact me.


But in order for this workaholic not to get overly absorbed I like to join in with a blog linky: Point + Shoot, hosted since a couple of months over on my friend’s blog snowingindoors.com .  So here we go:

Last Autumn Colours

On Saturday morning I took a little break with the family and we walked to shopping mall to shop for new Christmas books and hoping to find an Elf to adopt as the selection online was limited and out of our budget. We are moving in January and watching our spending a lot more closely. For the same reason we are starting to box up the coming months, so we are not having any Christmas decoration sob sob.  But we enjoyed the last autumn colours on Saturday.



IMG_1384Knives and Scissors

Chloe is all about scissors and using a knife at the moment.

When she’s not with her Granny or refuses to go to bed in time she sees me packing and taping, it is extremely hard to keep the scissors away from her without having a 2 hour toddler tantrum. So I am opting for the supervised and limited approach: everyday she can play with them a little bit, but with my supervision and verbal directives and only when Daddy is not home and it seems to work, so far nothing else then paper has been cut and she is learning to never walk around with them.


We are such relaxed parents, have always allowed her to play with tiny toys for under 3’s but supervised them well. Since she was 2 she is playing with marbels and I am pretty sure there have been nights we allowed her to take those or her story cubes into bed in order to avoid tantrums.

What would you do? I find it really really hard to be strict!

Bribing The Elf

Saturday evening C again was refusing bed time till way to late. The entire week she has been going in bed at 8 but was still awake at 9 and got back out of bed. Most nights her dad was sleeping before her! Saturday was no different and she ended up getting out of bed after the elf had arrived already. We were very surprised about how well she took it? Untill the Elf everytime we had mentioned Santa she would say “Mummy shop present”, so we assumed she would not consider the Elf to be real, but she was mesmerised.  We told her the elf was there to check and report back to Santa if she was a good girl or not and that maybe if she would have good sleeping habits, he might bring a little treat for her.

The next morning (after a roughly 8 hour only toddler sleep) the Elf had moved, no presents. Mesmerised by the Elf and the day began. Chloe asked us to ‘monies pleeeaassee’, ‘baby needs moniiieeeess’. We are used to her request she get little coins for her piggy bank once and a while and as soon she sees our wallet she wants a ‘her’ share ( note to self: I really have to start making time to get strict and do some proper parenting, instead of avoiding confrontation and being charmed by her cuteness).

Half hour later Daddy comes in: “Have you seen ? She is Bribing the Elf?”

Me: ” She is what?” … I go look …

Chloe: ” Elf, here monies, baby get present now? …. – silence – C’mon! “

Wot So Funee?


On Sunday evening, December 1st  I got a little bit sad about not being able to have Christmas decoration like I saw everywhere else, but we really don’t have the space at the moment, so I just took out all her pressies and sorted them and realise I stacked up a lot of books as Christmas presents over the last few months.


You can find more on what is under our own tree and especially the books in the next post!



6 responses to “Point + Shoot : the one where she bribes the Elf

    • lol – maybe maybe, when I work in local cafe she goes into my purse and starts handing out my business cards to mums with young babies! One time I had asked her to do this as I had chatted with the lady, but now she does it behind my back! Makes me blush! #wotsofunee


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