Point + Shoot : catching up


I have not joined our weekly Point + Shoot recently for obvious reasons: Xmas sales season with a toy shop  is just way to busy for blogging!  However I did my very best capturing those precious moments as my toddler doesn’t stop growing up, even though Mommy is really busy with ‘the shop’.  I have also procrastinated writing as I had a huge deal of parental guilt to deal with for not having spend an aweful lot of time with C. So when sales slowed down, I first and foremost did a ton of Christmas related toddler activities, I recovered and caught up on sleep, I cried my eyes out due to being overly tired and missing my Mum and family, but now I am back to myself: behind my computer at ungodly hours (5 am 22 dec 2013).

We finally exchanged on our new home, so C and I made a walk there and went to Wimbeldon, where we went to a local school fair to meet the lovely Sarah from The Magic Door Store. I had ordered a door from Sarah weeks ago, but somehow it was send to Belgium, only due to communicating about it (brilliant customer service btw) we realised we are living very close to each other in SW London and we were keeping our fingers crossed my original ordered door would get back to the uk. Nevertheless I wanted a door for our #ElfontheShelf sooner rather then later. As I had decided to buy the door this year, and the proper Elf on The Shelf next year depending on how C liked our current Elf.


“Berries” on the walk … I don’t even know the real name for these? Anyone help?


C: “Baby Jesus”

I loved the quality and precision of this hand made felt nativity set.

Once home I installed our new door which Chloe was amazed by, she responded with the famous Grendall shrug:


” How did it get there”

“Elf did it … again?”


Remembering a very special Angel Baby in our little magical Elf Toadstool corner in our House.


To our Belgian readers:  Go here or more info on The Magical Door they ship to Belgium, and it did arrive in time and in superb condition before it made it’s way back to the UK. So do head over and have a peak if you want to add some magic in the house.

For more info on Elf on the Shelf, it is an american thing but so much fun. Also google #ElfOnTheShelf for ideas or #ElfTakeOver it is a great tradition to start and the whole family enjoyed it here! I am loving getting soaked into the American/English Christmas Culture!


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