We present the new #ToadTest team

The Toadstool
Just like last year it was very very hard to make a selection from all the applicants for the #ToadTest #TTXmas competition.
With nearly 40 blog entrees we were well over the the amount I thought we would get! Did I mention I was hoping for 15 entrees in my original post?
So instead of selecting only the first five, we have a full team ready for 2014.
Below, in no particular order, I present to you our 2014 team, included are some blogs from 2013 who are joining in again as well as throughout the year they have been true ambassadors and have supported The Toadstool behind the scenes and on own accord as well.
We will also working with the following blogs throughout the year.

I have been asked how the ToadTest team was chosen and on what basis we made the selection. Firstly I put the shortlist together, these blogs were chosen based on the following criteria:

– Social media promotion

– Blog originality, personality and style

– A blog that matches The Toadstool’s core values and beliefs

– A potential blog audience that would enjoy The Toadstool and our products

Once the short list was established I turned to a select group of people with experience of blogging and business to rule out any bias I may have formed due to working with some of the applicants previously. Finally blog stats and other brands / retailers worked with were taken into consideration and the final group selected and contacted.

The competition winner has been drawn from the hat from the 5 most original posts and will receive this fabulous pack.

TTXMAS-prize-beesleyWe are not linking here, as you never know the kids are reading along and we want to keep it secret! You can find the winner on our Facebook Page or on Twitter where the blogger’s kids don’t have access to.

We hereby would also like to thank the great work the 2013 team has done for us, all their reviews are all listed here, but the page is under construction, due to the it being a very busy Christmas sales season, I have not yet finalised the new look of the page!


From our range, what would you like to see reviewed by the Team?

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