Point + Shoot : Are we too late for writing to Santa?


Time-off in November and December is scarce, sleep is overrated and stress levels are high, with less then 2 week to go before Christmas, life is busy. I like busy, busy is good, but parental guilt is building up. Toy industry is not exactly balanced, 9 months of very slow sales and 2-3 months with hardly time for the family. Sunday is family time all the same but this week we had some local deliveries in Southfields and Putney and we decided to do them by foot and make the most of the long walk. After all we are as eco-friendly as possible hence is why, whenever I have time to walk, I will do our localish deliveries with a toddler in tow.

A lovely Pub lunch in Putney makes it all the more worth while and topped of with a fruit beer by Belgian brewer Liefmans, makes a great reward for a busy work week.


My favourite is Framboise, but had to make do with the mix. Deliciously relaxing all the same.

We wrote Chloe’s letter together before handing it over to our Elf to bring back to Santa.



Trains check

Airplane check

Puzzle check

but all Chloe really asked for was a scarf. Oh boy, my child did not have a scarf yet and we are winter time, last year’s hat is becoming a bit small, so note to self: “must add scarf and new hat”

She also asked for a Dinosaur… hmm maybe Santa does not have dinosaurs.

Ofcourse C loved putting the stickers on the letter and scribbled before sending off!


Did your children prepare letters for Santa?

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4 responses to “Point + Shoot : Are we too late for writing to Santa?

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  2. That is a lovely letter to Santa. I remember J’s first year at school when he was just four, they all wrote letters, they had to take a stamp in so they could send them off in a real post box and they all got (very standard) replies. Annoyingly the teachers didn’t even know what J had written in his letter and he would not tell us himself (because he had already told Santa) so we didn’t have a clue what to ensure Santa delivered that year! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. xxx


  3. Oh, that’s a sweet letter. Yes, Boo dictated hers to me, and made sure she told Santa what Little Man wants, too! My busiest time of year is the couple of months before Christmas, too, and though it gets you planning Christmas earlier than others might, it can also take up a lot of family time. Hard balance to strike. Hope you all have a wonderful time, once the toy deliveries are all made xx


  4. That letter is beautiful – I bet he loved receiving that :) Grace hasn’t written one to him this year but she received a Christmas Card from him in the North Pole – and a message too, Have a great Christmas. Thank you for supporting PoCoLo this year x


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