A Slow Toy Christmas Holiday

After setting up our tree, the Friday in the run up to Christmas I really felt the festive feeling. I instantly relaxed from a very busy Christmas selling period and loved having our first holiday period at home coming up. We’d be just the 3 of us till Christmas Day and it was just perfect. Apart from Daddy getting hooked on some newish computer game we hardly picked-up our computers and both had a really lovely time getting outdoors for short walks, baking and playing inside with our  C’s new toys.
We enjoyed baking and decorating them very much,
however according to daddy they were totally unedible.
Unpacking the Brio Speaking Station. Being only 2 we wondered if she would get on with it. But she immediately worked-out how to record her own voice and played with just the station for days. Very often it just said: “one minute” but soon it became longer sentences!
We’ve played trains every day since!
Chloe got a scarf like she asked in her letter to Santa. Surprisingly that was the ONLY gift she did not automatically say “Thank Mom” for. She believed this one could have really been from Santa however with all other present she would squint when I said it was not from me but from Santa and she would always look at me questioningly. But as to please me she’d say Santa gave it me.
SONY DSCEach time a present was opened, it would be the activity for the entire morning, afternoon or evening. So we did not open them all on Christmas day but it was lovely for us as a family. It actually meant Daddy joined in with crafts for the first time to!
Dinosaur painting kit, which she got from the ‘real Santa‘.
Dinosaur painting on paper as the actual plastic dinosaurs in the packet were not suitable fro the paint (cheap toys). Both me and daddy were really impressed with her dinosaur and we still wonder if she thought it through or if she fluked the image?
Chloe got her first own doll, which she looooved! The doll was going everywhere, she undressed it, thoroughly discussed and shouted the doll was ‘in the nip’. But the moment she opened the accessories we had bought for the doll, she did not understand it was a present that belonged with the doll. The idea of a present for the doll and not for her, made her dislike the doll. It even took a full day to re-initiate the friendship!
Only at the very last she discovered her large gifts, Brio sets! And it was fabulous, as mentioned earlier, we have played trains daily since Christmas!
Also under our tree were Janod building blocks. I can see us having lot’s of fun with these later, but for now C tends more to her Brio Trains!
What wooden or slow toys did you have under the Christmas Tree?
The Toadstool Slow Toy Linky

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