Blog your heart out

Yay! The first time I was tagged in a meme and it’s all about blogging.

Em from snowingindoors, who was ToadTesting for us the passed year has become a true friend and I am ever so grateful! So even though I have been super super super busy with the big move, I really wanted to take the opportunity to pick-up blogging again after she tagged me.

What/Who encouraged you to start blogging?

I started my first blog about 10 or 11 years ago while studying fashion. I was going on internships in New York and wanted to share my experiences with the people back home.

For The Toadstool blog I started blogging for Search Engine Optimisation reasons. However being a full-time mum and setting up the business I can not keep up. So I get help blogging with guest post from parent bloggers relating toys, play and play ideas. (more of this will come soon).

How did you choose what topics to blog about?

Readers will have noticed our posts have become a mix of business and more personal posts (e.g. Point + Shoot posts). I felt the desire to do so as I met so many lovely bloggers and I also wanted to share our story, the mum, the mumpreneur and to document the precious family moments.  Behind the scenes parenting and working mixes in together and both are 7 days a week, and both from getting up in the morning till late at night, as I aim to be reachable and responsive to customers as much as possible.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

The only place I never wanted to live was London/UK. New York, Singapore, Morocco, China all were on the wishlist while studying and pre-pregnancy, but never ever was I going to live in a country with more rain then Belgium!  However we have just bought a family home (with warehouse!) so it seems like a long term plan staying put in Wimbeldon now!

What 3 words describe your style?

Braindump (writing style), resilient, driven.

What do you like to do when you are not blogging?

As The Toadstool I really like customer interaction. Even though it is often just short mails, or a couple of tweets mixed in with a busy. I do enjoy it.  I love seeing pictures of the kids enjoying our toys and love the feedback to. I am forever searching for ways to improve business and will always try to improve based on customer feedback and changing e-commerce trends…

In personal life, I like building ball tracks and train sets for my little one (uhum)… I really wish I had more time to actually play with my daughter and her toys.  At the moment I think I will be decorating a lot in the new house. Which is something that often stresses me out, but also satisfies me a lot when the result is finally there!

I am tagging, 3 ToadTesters I know least about, whose blogs I have only started following since the ToadTest competition!

Dancing with Dirty Feet 

Ghostwriter Mummy 

Podcast Grappling with a Box of Frogs


4 responses to “Blog your heart out

  1. it is so lovely to find out more about you. I never knew Belgium had lots of rain. I visited once as a child as weather was beautiful for those few days so my memories of Belgium are sunny ones! All the best with the decorating – always stressful but remember how nice it will look in the end. xxx


    • I am finding the decorating action relaxing actually. However not as much so when my parter has no ideas for what he wants and then when we finally pick something (wall color) together, I paint for 2 days, he turns round and says: “Not sure if I like it” Boys!


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