Word of the Week: Sound

Our 27 month old toddler is obsessed with sounds. Now that she can name nearly anything in sight she has moved on to indentifying sounds. Every crack, noise outside, movement or any other sound results in “What’s that noise Mummy?”.
I hear the question at least once a minute. About tap water, about airplanes in the sky, the sound of a leave sticking on the wheels of the buggy. She is extremely alert to sounds. We love silence A LOT nowadays, as in most cases she is asking “What’s that noise?” so often, that 50% of the time we need to reply with: “It is you speaking C!”
Did your child have a specific question they asked all the time?
When is the why phase starting?
 The Reading Residence

One response to “Word of the Week: Sound

  1. Miss T has just started saying the word ‘noise’ when she hears something. I saw this linky the other day and thought it would be a great one to join in with. Now just have to find the time! x


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