Point + Shoot: Moving in

The passed days have been all about moving, settling in and starting to re-decorate the new place. So hereby some pictures to link up with Point + Shoot !

The day we moved in Chloe felt at home straight away in her new bedroom, even without it being set-up. This was literally taken the first five minutes she was in the house. Weeks in a row she had said she did not want to move house, but all of that disappeared as soon as she realised she was no longer sleeping in her cot!

IMG_1937Anyone in the next days asking: ” C do you like the new house?”

She would respond with: “Yes, got big bed now!”

First to do in the house was set-up the shop warehouse and offices so we could start business again, and then putting the little one her furniture together.

IMG_1962 IMG_1967 IMG_1963

Screwing her ikea nursery furniture back together again. Adding the jigsaws, her Lilliputiens Red Riding Hood puppet and lot’s of other toys.

IMG_1991Hanging up the Gorgeous Haba Play Tent, setting up the wooden play kitchen, Haba Play World Rug and Lilliputiens Walter Dragon Pouffe.

IMG_1986She really loves her dragon. It’s been with us since birth and from way before I started the shop and it’s still in such lovely condition. It’s really nice that you can unzip the cover and give it a wash! We love our Walter range. As a newborn it was the theme for her room, back then we swore not to have pink for a girl, but how can we resist?

IMG_1988Now all what is left is to paint her walls and I am hoping to ever find time to timber her a super cool cabin bed, but first I must paint the rest of the house!

What does your nursery look like?  Do you have a general theme?


2 responses to “Point + Shoot: Moving in

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  2. I love that first photo – i had to look twice because she looked so teeny in her big bed i thought it was a doll on there at first. So sweet how she was ‘helping’ put the furniture together. That haba play tent looks stunning. I think she will be so happy in her new home and I hope you will be too. xxx


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