PL-UG Brand New Toy Brand coming soon

Do you remember as a child building Dens and having hours and hours of fun creating your own little world? Using a dictionary to fix a sheet onto a bookshelf or mantel piece?  A corner fixed in between a closed window. Attaching a piece to an expensive type of furniture with tape?

I remember being told off for having tape marks, I also remember  heavy books and ceramics dropping, leaving marks on the wooden floor… So when I saw this brilliant new Brand  PL-UG on Toy Fair, I was immediately sold. We are all for non-plastic toys generally speaking, but there is so so much play value in creating your own dens for the children. So have a look how PL-UG will enable doing so safely without damaging any or you parents possessions:)

PL-UG den building kits

PL-UG connectors can easily connect to chairs and tables inside or trees and posts in the garden for hours of imaginative play.

IMG_2084Creating indoors worlds outside, or bringing outside activities indoors!


 Below shows more clearly what options 1 connector can contribute for Den building.


There are an initial three sets released in the range. The starter Build Your Own Den – Den Kit includes several den building fasteners. The mid-range Build Your Own Den Canopy Den Kit includes a star-patterned sheet and several fasteners. The premium Build Your Own Den Ultimate Den Kit includes all the Pl-UG fasteners as well as the useful canopy sheet to assist den building.

And we will have all in stock very very soon!  So what do you think? Do you see benefits of extra clamps, stainless window suction elements etc? Would you buy it or do you prefer old-school den building?


One response to “PL-UG Brand New Toy Brand coming soon

  1. certainly an interesting concept! We usually find a way to build dens somehow anyway but I’m all for ideas to make it easier. Especially for the kids to be able to realise their ideas with less adult input is always nice for them. x


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