My letter to Angel Tilda

This post is for Jennie Edspire whom found her dear 9 month old baby sleeping nearly a year ago. Jennie’s efforts for fundraising for The Lullaby Trust, her heart breaking writing about her loss, made that Matilda Mae (Baby Tilda) will never be forgotten and that her short life has left a stamp in many people’s hearts. For her first year in Heaven many people are writing her a letter.

Dear Tilda,

Letters for Matilda Mae

From seeing all your pictures I can tell you have always been an Angel. Your sparkling eyes have such power and determination, your baby smile is so charismatic and you touch everyone’s heart with your natural Charisma even on picture.  You were a bright shining Angel in your mums arms. It must be all the much harder for your mummy to find light, to feel the same heat on her body now that you are gone.

I am worried about your mum, I care for your mum, I really do, she is going through all the stages of missing you, from breaking all over again, to stepping up and building a legacy in your name, and then feeling hopeless, guilty and empty all over again.

I pray Tilda for your mum to see and feel that you now glow back from within her.  You are her guardian Angel watching over her shoulder and her star in the night sky. You are learning when your mums is teaching your brother and sister and your presence is there in that moment with your family. You surround and guide your brother, sister and your loving dad and your Angel presence will give them strength to love one another even more.

You, your legacy is so powerful, That your legacy is also one of being an Angel, who came to earth for only 9 months. Your angel presence is one with the sky, is in every breath and is in any of your mums heartbeats. I believe you are still shining just as bright and your power is greater then ever before please lift your mum and dad from within.

Angel Tilda,

Thank you for visiting us on Earth. Your story and legacy might have made many of us better parents. More mindful, taking every opportunity for a cuddle and be more kind to ourselves and our children during the hard times.

Your mums story, her raw writing of her feelings ,offer support for many people suffering from all kinds of loss. As the ache, the pain, the desperation is not often enough shown to the world and difficult to understand to outsiders. Your mum has blogged about ways how people can support those suffering from loss. People suffering might feel less lonely, and feel more connected when reading your mums blog and social media. The taboo is broken. You are so strong Angel Tilda, you have achieved so much the passed year. You have helped people, you show the world, the health sector that we are all humans and that we can stand up and help one another, you make everyone want to be just a little bit better person, more mild, caring and supportive of others. Angel Tilda you are making a difference.

I love and value your comments, the way to let me know you read a post!

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