Point + Shoot a indoor play day

I had to continue Point Shoot in a second post as the first was becoming pretty long. On Sunday we stayed in and around the house. Bought a new iron to replace the old and realised I have about 8 baskets of washing to catch up on… well that’s postponed for Bank Holiday Monday.

Today I caught up on blog and guest posts and played with Chloe! Considering she tries to sing the alphabet song every day upon returning from nursery, we got our Plan Toys letters out again! Such a great wooden toy with so much Play potential!

Learning Letters to toddlers Plan toys letterbox from the toadstool

First we made small words with the wooden letter blocks, then we tried organising the alphabet together.

Toddler Letter RecognitionThe following half hour she played by herself, clearly enjoying herself! It was so cute hearing her attempt singing at the alphabet. PS: she has a Penelope in her class, and she confuses it with K L M N O P I think…. My mummy heart melts!

In the afternoon there was a little sun outside and she was determined to wear sun glasses! She is a true sunglass collector now, the ones here are Diane Von Furstenberg for Gap Kids.

Our little Diva played with her Beehives. I think she enjoys her toys at home and quiet play time at home even more now that she is in nursery since some weeks.

Beehives toddler color matching game with pincer

She then fell asleep onto me in the sofa while I was writing our Trix Tracks guestpost for DKL which will go live later this week and it was heaven to have her sleeping next to me. I love my girl so much.

The fashion sense got a little worse after nap time (as below), but I  can’t complain we only had a 10 minute breakdown this morning when dressing Chloe to get ready for Church. Whereas other times she absolutely wants to wear what she herself wants.

Plan Toys Letters and Haba Farm

She is very cute with choosing, trying to match colors, asks me if they match etc. But unfortunately she is not yet aware of dressing for the occasion: Eg. She’d want to wear a brand new dress for nursery, and a track suit to go to more formal occasions (like my work appointments), she wants to wear flip flops when it rains and wooly boots when it is hot. Other then that sunglasses will always be matching the shoes, and a necklace, alice band or hair clip is a must. She has much more patience with headgear then me!

Anyone else having a toddler who takes half hour to get dressed in the morning and 3 tantrums? Where suggesting two options don’t work? Where the kids jumps out of bed in the morning running to her ‘wardrobe’ to choose what to wear? Who changes socks 5 times a day and each time asks if they match the outfit? How to deal with toddler tantrums!?


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4 responses to “Point + Shoot a indoor play day

  1. that is brilliant how she is singing the alphabet. So cute about her wanting to choose her own outfits. Miss T would always choose pink if she had her choice and she often asks for her moshi monsters ‘poppet’ dress – even though it is supposed to be for dressing up she regularly wears it out and about. Miss T had a huge tantrum over sunglasses the other day when we went to pick D up from school (I was letting her wear them but she kept stopping to take them off and on and made us late for D) so since then I’ve said ‘no sunglasses!’ x


  2. I love the alphabet song, seriously cute!
    Annie has always insisted on dressing herself and you know the sort of bizarre outfits she creates! She still likes to change her outfit 3 or 4 times a day if we’re around the house, but she never puts any of the clothes back in the drawer, it drives me batty ;-)


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