The new Wonderworld Trix Tracks have arrived

Just like at the launch of Trix Tracks last year, we immediately received the new Trix Tracks range to test as they arrived on the British shores. We eagerly set-up the Glow and Roll set right before bed time, and to see how we got on with this set, please read our guest post on the distributors blog here (link going live on 29/05 only), as in this post I want to focus on combining sets!

Last year Chloe and I tested the Spin and Swirl and Hammer Slammer sets for DKL and absolutely loved them. We soon added the other two wooden ball run sets and have been playing with all on numerous occasions. If you follow us on Instagram you often see Trix Tracks popping up!Wonderworld-trix-tracks-sets-combined-2

Even though we adored the ball track last year, there were a few points of improvement and we were very happy to see that Wonderworld had clearly taken our feedback into consideration and that the new load of Trix Tracks has drastically improved:

·       Clear instructions, they now specify how many blocks are needed in each support tower to make building even quicker and easier.

·       Suitable size boxes with less empty space, which is logistically better and an improvement to our toy carbon footprint, when these sets are shipped between Thailand and the UK and they are perfect for storing on the toy shelf.

·       Wonderworld have added a plastic layer between the wood pieces to improve the grip between them and these small new additions really do improve the structural strength and stability.

·       But more important they improved the tension in regards to clipping the recycled wooden blocks together. The clipping pressure needed is now more comparable to Lego Duplo’s and it offers more stability to the sets.

How to build Trix Tracks

So how do these new blocks and sets work with the ones from 2013? Perfectly fine! We used them all mixed up and it works brilliantly.

Like with all ball tracks you automatically analyse which trix and tracks can follow upon each other without creating to much speed which would make the ball fly over a curve and how to create sufficient speed and pressure to activate a hammer. This needs patience and testing, but this is a part of the fun of ball tracks!


This being said the new recycled wood curves follow perfectly on some of the new parts, but not to all of the old. So with a little puzzling you can still position them in your large set-up. But don’t be frightened if at some point it does not add up, just use a different wooden curve.

photo[2] copy

Even though I am ball track mad and like to combine lot’s of different ones, buying just one set will offer a lot of enjoyment to younger children and the best thing about buying only one set is thatthe glow and roll and the2 Way Flipper fit the little IKEA tables. Meaning that even though you don’t have space for a full play table, you can set-up the track on a really small coffee table that the kids can reach. This prevents them from knocking it over on the floor, and is just at the right height for a toddler to position the ball on the track themselves.

Wonderworld shows lots more sets being released over the year on the poster included in the boxes, bringing the total number available to 13, all of which of course you’ll be able to find at The Toadstool. We can’t wait for the rest of the sets to arrive on our shores.

To celebrate the new Trix Tracks arrivals we are offering 1 £25.00 voucher of any Trix Tracks, which is also the equivalent of 1 full Throw And Roll set.

Find the competition HERE.

Do you want to know more about Wonderworlds’ sustainable Eco Wood: read all about it in our most read blog post:  We all love wooden toys, but are they really environmentally friendly? You can find more Wonderworld sustainability credentials on our  Wonderworld Brand Page.


6 responses to “The new Wonderworld Trix Tracks have arrived

  1. Wonder world trix trax hammer slammer because of the bright colours and the fun way way the balls move, my son would love it.


  2. I love the WONDERWORLD TRIX TRACKS – 2 WAYS FLIPPER because it would challenge my four children and encourage them to work together to set it up! I’m sure they’d enjoy using their own marbles to the track too! Thank you x


  3. My favourite is the Safari track! My daughter loves trips to the zoo and anything animal related, so she’d love this!


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