Point + Shoot: Easy going relaxing weekend enjoying our toys

We had a lovely weekend!  Making a random walk along the shore of the Thames on Saturday. We had to walk around the tip to continue, but with Chloe talking all about sorting recycling and putting things in the right bin nowadays, I took a moment to explain her what people separate into the containers, how the content of the containers get compressed in the building, put in another container and how the large crane transports the containers onto the big ship.  She was mesmerised and really listening and concentrating. She then ran off to grab Daddy’s hand and explain it all to him.



Sunday we put together our Ikea book cases, as we hadn’t unpacked them after our big move yet. Chloe wanted to help, so she was put in charge of handing me the nails (she had previous experience with the Tack Zap and was perfectly behaving with it, so I had no worries about her handing me the nails. IMG_0401

The sun came out and Daddy started the BBQ, while I filled our book cases. And we stayed out while soaking up the sun rays as I have already learned that English summers basically end, end June and that here we need to catch every ray of sunshine we possibly can!  While Chloe enjoyed playing in the paddling pool with her Haba water toys and Green Toys nesting cups.



When the clouds came out Chloe begged to bake a cake, so I baked an apple cake with her. When it was in the oven she was constantly asking if she could eat it already.


However when rumbling through our book boxes I found an old play dough set ( a gift for her second birthday, we do not have any other plastic toys in our house hold!). Since we had the set out around 4pm she has been playing in full concentration. When the cake was finished I had put her slice next to her, she did not even see it. Daddy took over and I nipped out to go Swimming.  I came home at 7pm and she still hadn’t touched the cake and was still playing with her play dough! Looks like I will need to dig up all our sensory play items sooner rather then later, as she has been without for over 4 months, as we are still not unpacked (we had some stressful and overly busy months passing).

Who wants to share their play dough posts in the comments, I am desperate to start making our own?

I have listed a few below, are there any other  play dough recipes you want to share?

Red Ted Art : ” How to make scented play dough

Life at the Zoo: ” Play dough with Apple Scent

– The imagination Tree: ” No cook play dough recipe


In between all those other activities she has been enchanting us with giving guitar performances :) I am pleased I tested all the musical instruments on Toy Fair before stocking them for the shop we hear it a lot. And the sound is really acceptable! I will try to catch it on an Instagram video soon :)



One response to “Point + Shoot: Easy going relaxing weekend enjoying our toys

  1. That apple cake looks gorgeous, will there be any available when I come to visit?!! Glad Chloe was enjoying the play-dough. I can’t stand it when they mix up the colours, it drives my OCD side crazy ;-)

    Thanks for joining in with Point + Shoot xx


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