Toddlers making friends

After our big move back in January, my blogging stopped suddenly. I was temporarily consulting a fashion firm abroad based on my previous experience, if have been hard weeks, with lot’s of changes for the family. Me managing two jobs and Chloe for the first weeks while we were finding suitable childcare.

Suddenly Chloe could go to nursery for the first time somewhere around the end of April.  IN the morning we got a call we had a place as from today.

I turned around we had found her a ‘school’ place and she made a little happy dance. She had been asking for months to go to ‘school’ as she always sees lot’s of children on the school playground in our street.

We got ready and she started settling in the same afternoon.  This is her on the first day at school :




The first weeks passed and the settling in went really well, even though I was struggling, felt bored and lost the first weeks.  3 weeks passed and she came home fairly happy but when asking if she had made any friends she said, I have no friends at nursery.  It worried me but then suddenly last week, I picked her up and she was playing ball one to one with another girl. She immediately  introduced her as a friend and told me the name of curly hair girl. She made a friend.  Having a friend stopped the strubbling about getting up and ready for nursery in the morning.

Then this week she came home saying: Mommy I got 3 friends! Showing with her little fingers! Yay! I felt very happy and probably a little tear. I am so happy for her! A small step but an amazing achievement indeed!

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3 responses to “Toddlers making friends

  1. This is lovely, every parent wants their child to have friends. Its something we don’t experience, I have no idea if Ethan has any friends. I don’t even think he wants/needs them but I know the children say bye to him when he leaves and lets him know when my parents have come to collect him. I must say I LOVE what she is wearing in the photos.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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