Word of the week: Books

Most of my life and character can be deciphered from my book case

Last Sunday, after a trip to Ikea and setting up our bookcases we finally unpacked my books for the first time since I had packed them in my flat in Antwerp. I used to have about 5 m long book case in the living room and another of 4m x 3m in another room with my kids books.  It feels as if where my books are, is where my home is. It’s not until I move and unpack my books (which is a huge work) that I feel like I have officially moved.  An emotion that I could not identify and can not be explained to the OH and that have left me frustrated and unsettled for the passed months.

bookcase antwerp

Already much much reduced version of my book collection before the big move.

I was always very proud and particular about books. People would remember me as not really lending them out and treasuring them as “one day I would live in a castle and I would need to fill a full library room” . I think when I started working and realised I was the type of person to move house a lot and definitely when moving to London I realised I will never live in a castle, or at least I first need to size down everything I own, to fit my live into a London maisonette. I sold a whole lot of books, gave even more away to friends and charity, and when unpacking I realised I had much less left that I imagined. But the they are still the essence needed to summarise my loves, interests, character, values etc.     So what is left?


The little left-over of my books

Favourite Children’s Books

My first full size children’s book I read was Roald Dahl’s Matilda, ever since I have been collecting books: My favourite children’s and teenagers writers were Road Dahl, Tonke Draght, Marc de Bel,  Dirk Bracke, Peter Pohl etc. I like reading about real topics: children and teenagers of my age in their every day life, having real problems but from all over the world, from different cultures.  Traveling a lot to Turkey, Israel and Egypt I developed a particular interest in real  life stories of Middle Eastern Woman.  The local history, European knight or kings stories never really appealed to me. I was drawn to other cultures.

Fashion and Travel books

At some point during my fashion studies, I started developing an interest in the Far East and Asia and in particular Japan, Tokyo and Harajuku fashion.  Related fiction, fashion and art books made it to the book shelf throughout university and after a first year of work at my first job, I had saved up enough to travel, however Japan was out of budget so I started exploring Asia in Thailand, solo backpacking with Lonely Planet as my travel guide.


A love for Paperchase stationary


My fiction favourites are Harry Mulish, Haruki Murakami, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ruriko Pilgrim, Leslie Chang, Anchee Min but in the passed years I hardly read any fiction, in my last year prior to my pregnancy I was mostly reading Eco-Business books, and other books supporting the Management Programm I was following. Since I have given birth I have only purchased 6 fiction books for myself of which I have read 1, and I am 10 pages in at the Latest Gabriel Garcia Marquez book…

Baby books and Child & Self Development reading

I still have my mom’s books on Steiner education, and read a heap on child development and psychology while pregnant. So far the identifying the last stage of my life: being a mother and having a Toy Shop!

Do you still have time to read with children? Or are you just like me to tired in the evening or spending your free time blogging?

What is on your bookshelf? Any books you identify with?


The Reading Residence     The Reading Residence



4 responses to “Word of the week: Books

  1. I love this post, Niki. I do love my books (and Paperchase!) and reading, and yes, I still read. It’s my me-time, my escape and I need it. I always feel restless and a little adrift if I’m not in the middle of a book. I’m currently reading The Forget-Me-Not Sonata, which I received as part of the book swap I organised in April, and I’m really enjoying it. Hope you manage to find a little time to squeeze a few more books in x Thanks for sharing with #WotW


  2. I never knew you loved books so much. Just like J – he is a real bookworm – he has more books than can fit on his shelves, plus more in the loft and always buys more when we pass the oxfam book store and borrows dozens and dozens from the library. x


    • Yes I started reading very early on and could read up to 5 novels a week! Would always get up after mum had tucked me in, or read with a night light under the quilt. Now I read by far less. I think when you read when you are younger you get lot’s of expectations about excitement later in life. Now I find that reading makes compare romance to much to reality :)


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