Point + Shoot : Playing, Painting and Pondering

Our friday evening was dedicated to playing with toys, we played all her Haba Wooden Toddler games which she has on her toy shelf at least once, and for the first time she also wanted to play with the wooden toy domino’s which were her big Christmas gift. Daddy demonstrated, built up her anticipation before she could push the red block at the start. After 2 demo’s she started lining up the blocks herself  (so I think the recommended age on the box from 3-10 years is appropriate). The space in between them was irregular, but nevertheless she did manage to line up blocks very well.  A big hooray for motorskills and concentration !

Haba wooden domino blocks

Wooden toys for preschooler: domino blocks from HabaShe then made this awesome Robot floor puzzle for the first time all by herself!

Toddler JigsawSaturday Chloe and I got up really early, I made a giant fruit salad for breakfast. While we were eating, I was dying to start building something with Plus Plus which I had been thinking off since a long time. So Chloe and I played with PlusPlus a lovely quiet activity so Daddy could have a much needed lie-in.  The result of my building: the Game of Thrones “Birth of the dragons after burning Drogo”… Anyone who wants to join our Game of Thrones and Plus Plus building challenge and competition: comment below and I will keep you posted on the how’s and whens.

IMG_3867Saturday morning it was storming outside and I decided it was about time to continue the renovations / painting of the hallway which I did not have time for to continue since I started back in february. I told the OH I wanted to paint the upstairs Bannister and Chloe, alert as she is, asked: “What is a Bannister?”. We explained and for the rest of the day she kept saying her new learned word. Me totally in a Game of Thrones mood kept thinking Lannister every time she said it and Dad and I were counnting the minutes till she would go to bed in the evening so we could watch a couple of episodes.

IMG_3914Intermezzo: DULUX one coat paint is NOT a one coat as it says on the box! Even though this was pre-treated wood. Not a happy customer! However it painted fairly well without dripping, which is fantastic considering the wood shapes I had to paint.

While I was painting upstairs Chloe painted downstairs…IMG_3865Our Sunday 7am food delivery woke us way to early, and we regretted watching the so many episodes of the 4th series till late night. But we got up early and went to Richmond for some pondering around. There are a lot of Geese to feed near the Themes, and Chloe was hiding behind my back as she was scared they would eat her!



IMG_3879\ IMG_3895\

IMG_3901Around 1pm Chloe was determined to wear her coat in this heat, as she was absolutely certain she was cold and kept her coat on till we got home. Our little toddler Diva. Some of this toddler behaviour really amuses me, however we read somewhere the passed weeks that keeping them fed at all times does help reduce the amount and lenght of tantrums and it has really worked here! 



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One response to “Point + Shoot : Playing, Painting and Pondering

  1. I find with my two that small snacks throughout the day keep their blood sugar level and reduce the tantrums and moodiness. Seeing Chloe wearing her coat despite the weather proves how well she’d get on with Annie, both very strong willed little girls!

    Thanks for joining in with Point + Shoot xx


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