Visiting a blogger in Kent

Friday me and Chloe took the train to Kent to visit someone we met through the blogging world. Both our girls only differ 6 months and they got along very easy when we first met previously on South Bank earlier this year.






So on Friday we took the trains down to Kent, can anyone recognise our whereabouts?

Tonbridge castle in Kent

IMG_3828We walked around in the gorgeous park around Tonbridge castle, someone chased squirrels, then played on the playgrounds; it was a beautiful day in the son.  After a long day of walking and playing the girls sat on the floor playing some Plus Plus, look at those brilliant Plus Plus ducks the family had made days before? Another awesome PlusPlus idea!


IMG_3840Thank you for having us over! We had a lovely day!

One response to “Visiting a blogger in Kent

  1. this is so lovely! It really is great that our girls get on so well. One of the best things that comes from blogging is making new friends and it is so lovely to have met you. x


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