Point + Shoot : The London Eye, Southbank with a Toddler

Back posting on 13 July for 29 June, due to lack of time passed weeks! eek!

I spend most of my weekend at #Britmums, and enjoyed lot’s of it, lot’s of useful tips which I wish I could all process straight away, but life is throwing different challenges at us. We will be going through life as a family of 2 and I want to give my little girl everything possible within my means. And I promised myself, her and everyone else something on Instagram: Very determined to give this little one the best the world has to offer now that I am a #singlemum. Starting off with doing everything in the uk I have not been able to do so far #teamnoregrets. I am starting a new #. #mummytime #makingmemorieswithchloe

So after dropping Em of at the Station, Chloe and I went to have a coffee, where I browsed the internet if it was in fact cheaper to book tickets to the London Eye with a travel club I recently signed-up with. so much cheaper then any other site I found including the 10% off the London Eye website offered for online booking! Bargain!

Chloe was very excited about going on the London Eye! She was well behaved during the wait, which was much less then first expected.

Visiting the London Eye





After the eye you can go into the 3D experience in the ticket hall of the London Eye, which again was an unforgettable experience. The glasses fit all ages, and Chloe was amazed by the effects (and so was I !).

Now 3 weeks later Chloe is still talking about going on the London Eye, everytime someone asks her what she has been doing she answers “We went on the London Eye Yesterday”. I love it when I can make her happy and create memories for her which she will remember for a looong time!

We strolled further along Southbank, and we enjoyed dancing with lot’s of other young urban parents at the BFI Soutbank center to an outside DJ set. It was really catered for families as they had lovely play surfaces and caves for the little ones.




We were determined to go to the rooftop gardens and after looking for a long time we finally found the elevator to access it under this wall illustration on the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

IMG_4283 IMG_4284 It was a wheelchair elevator with buttons you need to hold pressed to get all the way upstairs. It was quite an exciting effect and chloe and I were playing with the camera to capture it!




IMG_4297She had cake and I had a Mojito to close off a lovely day the two of us spend together.  To be honest I realise already that I am joying day trips more without my ex, her father. We can be impulsive and bump into enjoyable events and places without being told off for it, or without the regular moaning. And I honestly think Chloe and I will be fine just the 2 of us. She had a fantastic day without tantrums, absolutely brilliant!

IMG_4298 IMG_4299 IMG_4301 IMG_4302


Watch this space as I am planning more trips with my new travel club and I’ll add up all the savings here! Or contact me if you want to hear more!


I love and value your comments, the way to let me know you read a post!

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