Sensory Bath time play ideas

Bath time can be a wonderful time for learning you know. With the knowledge that babies, toddlers and children rely so heavily on their senses, it is little wonder why. Water is one of the easiest materials to play with and one of the most fun too! Of course, supervision is imperative during water play and at bath time, but there’s no reason why you can’t roll up your sleeves and get stuck in too! Here are some of our favourite ideas for fun bath time play!

Bath time

Water play and using the senses

Make bath time a sensory delight!

1. Pop some Submersible Waterproof LED Lights into the water and watch the bath take on a different glow. You can turn off the main lights for a moment or two and instantly the atmosphere is transformed.

2. Add a few drops of Liquid food colouring to the water and allow your little ones to bathe in a rainbow bath!

3. Use bubbles to create a fun sensory experience. Shaving foam works well too, and there is special foamy soap in cans that you can also buy for a bath time with a difference.

4. Creative Bath Paints! You can either make these, or buy them- either way they are guaranteed to provide lots of fun and its a great way to get kids using their gross motor skills too.


Imaginative play in the bath

There’s no reason why non traditional bath toys can’t be used at bath time!

  • Build a den! One for older kids, but one that is lots of fun. Use the Pl-ug ultimate den building kit to create a canopy over the bath and pop in some of those submersible lights too. The kids can pretend they are pirates in the bath tub!
  • Pots and pans make great toys at bath time as your little ones can use them to whip up some imaginary soup, or even magic potions! Add some whisks too, to make that concoction extra foamy!
  • Spoons, jugs and bottles are also great bath toys to use, and your little ones can pretend that they are dedicated scientists making important medicines to save the world’s population. Simple, but effective tools for imaginative play.

Ideas for exciting outdoor



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