5 most loved eco-friendly Bath Toys

In our previous blogpost we spoke about alternative ways to enjoy bath time and make it a real Sensory play experience or how to introduce more Pretend Play into bath time. In this post we want to focus on our top 5 most loved eco friendly bath toys! 


1. Wooden Boats as Eco friendly Bath toys


Of course, there are many toys specifically made for bath time that are just wonderful for this very purpose, and we’d love to tell you a little more about Plan Toys new wooden bath toy range. As you know, we are huge advocates of sustainable toys and we love the longevity of wooden toys over plastic. So the new range of eco-friendly wooden bath toys excites us very much! The activity sail boat is the perfect toy for bath time (who doesn’t love a boat at bath time, right?) and we love the fact that the hook can be used to catch the colourful bait too. Read what Em from Snowing Indoors thought of it here.

Another wonderful Plan Toys bath toy is, of course, the beautiful wooden sealife set. Made from 100% rubber wood, these toys are suitable from six months old and are a great way to introduce simple concepts of floating and sinking. When water is allowed inside the toys, they will sink to the bottom, making them a lot more versatile than the usual plastic floating squirter toys. Read what Donna at Redhead Babyled had to say about them here.

The last toy we want to tell you about in this range is the Plan Toys water landing net, a wonderful addition to any bath time! We love the fact that little ones can tip, pour and sieve for the toys in the water, meaning that there is more than one way to play. Once again,all parts are wooden, eco friendly and perfectly safe to use in water. Emma at Bubba Blue and Me had fun trying out this one, so do take  a look at what she thought here.


2. Haba ball track for the bath tub 

Another bath toy well worth a mention is the Haba ball and water track for the bath or shower. We love all the elements of this toy because it helps little ones to focus on hand to eye co-ordination and is, of course, great fun to play! Grab yours now while you can!

This great water play toy attaches to the tiles on your bathroom wall of the bath or shower itself. The suction is good enough to stay in place, but our little one -aged 33months – was also capable to take them off herself and reposition them again. It’s a great bath time toy which teaches physics and motor skills through play.  When I asked her what she thought about it, the response of the Diva was: “Brilliant!”



3. Green Toys nesting Stacking Cups

Stacking, pouring and counting with the numbers on the bottom. Outside the bath they are great for use in the sandpit as the number are stamped into the sand.green-toys-stacking-cups

4. Haba Fishing Set water friends


These very bright coloured soft foam sea creatures and hook are advertised for over 3 year olds, however without the fishing rod they make great first bath toys for babies. Small and easy to grasp for little hands, and light to lift! When babies become toddlers they will start to develop an interest to using the fishing rod and do all sorts of pretend play!

As with all bath toys squeeze the water out before storing, so they can dry nice and easily! It will increase the longevity of your bath toys and keeps the water nice and clean.

5. Haba water squirters

No bath time is complete without a couple of squirters. If you are looking for original alternatives then the Haba range is for you.


Bath Squirters

What toys do your little ones like to play with in the bath?

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