Big Sales on!

Sadly I have an announcement to make:

Since early June C’s father has given up pretending to be a family man and as my only reason for originally moving to the UK was him, and considering The Toadstool offers insufficient income for me to take over the mortgage of our house in my own name, I have decided that instead of moving inside the UK again, not knowing what the future will hold, neither have a secure income from The Toadstool, to move back to Belgium as quality of life is better then London life -at least for a single mum-.

The Toadstool will either be sold as a toy shop, or I will keep the domain name and place the blog under the domain name, blogging about toys, play with toddlers, house renovations (maybe a bed and breakfast?), and there are some other kids related business ideas in my head. So please do stay tuned!

Meanwhile all our Janod and Wonderworld toys are 30% off, Brio, Plan Toys and Haba 10% and some other ranges someplace in between!

We have only 1-3 items left of each now (haven’t restocked in 2 months due to the uncertainty) and the sale will last between 3-6 weeks, depending on how quickly the sale of this house is proceeding. There will not be further big reductions as whatever is left, I will be taking abroad.




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