False impression of a genius at the London Aquarium!

The whole week I had promised Chloe to go to the Aquarium on Sunday as a treat, we pre-printed our pre-booked tickets and off we went! Fast track, no queueing and less then the cheapest price I could find elsewhere online for standard tickets! How I love my travel club! Here the few ok pictures taking with my phone… low prices on the London Aquarium IMG_4863 IMG_4870When we got to this window Chloe started shouting cowfish cowfish and I was stunned, how on earth did she come up with that. I said, I am sure it’s not a cowfish Chloe and then I looked at the sign and indeed it was a Cowfish. I was stunned. I asked another mother if she had told my child, but no… everyone thought she was a miracle child and she could read at the age of 2… * see further at the bottom. IMG_4830 IMG_4841 IMG_4908We really love the aquarium and I was very excited the toddler was interested in learning all the fish names! I can’t wait till she is old enough to learn to dive and am keeping my fingers crossed she will love swimming more once we are in Belgium. * The next day I learned that the toddler had visited the aquarium with the friend of the family already, while I was at training! False impression of a genius ;)

Wot So Funee?

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