16 things to do with a toddler in And around London

Business is going well and we may have found someone to take over very very shortly. Until then don’t forget to grab a bargain as the sale will not last.

Meanwhile I am packing like crazy but I also have a bucket list of to do’s before little one and I move back to Belgium in 2-6 weeks eek!

1) Fashion museum Victoria and Albert museum – done see previous post
2) Visit snowingindoors and Cotswold
3) Visit my friend from children’s salon in tonbridge wells
4) Visit science museum and natural history museum again
5) Feed ducks in Hyde park as that was one of the last good memories with my own mum before she became bed bound
6) See a broadway/west end show with Chloe, The lion King or Charlie and the Chocolate factory – yes she can sit through a two hour performance we’ve tried in Prague before
7) Go to moomins at the polka theater – booked for next Wednesday
8) go to the London Aquarium – booked for tomorrow at super prices thanks to #teamnoregrets
9) Visit Stonehenge – anyone with a car?
10) Visit Bath
11) Go to Wimbledon park prepared for picnic and with book and swim stuff for Chloe
12) Meet up with the magicdoorstore, thebeesleybuzz
13) See the mummy exhibition at the British Museum
14) Go to Legoland again and or thomasland/cbeebies land
15) Visit Kew Gardens and do a last stroll in Richmond
16) Going on The London eye was on the top of our list and was a giant hit

Which of the above will we do with Grandma or Grandad or my blogger or local friends?

So that is my wish list of memories to create with Chloe. She does remember them nowadays, still telling everyone she went to the ‘clothes museum’ earlier this week with her mommy and 5 weeks later she still talks about the London Eye daily!


3 responses to “16 things to do with a toddler in And around London

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  2. what a great list! London Eye is brilliant – my boys still talk about it as they love it. Miss T went recently but it didn’t seem to make such a big impression on her. I have fond memories of Bath (where I went to university) Such a beautiful city. And we did Stonehenge recently taking the kids there for the first time. Also visited Old Sarum which is near Stonehenge but loved it there so much more as perfect to pack a picnic and soooo peaceful unlike the crowds at Stongehenge. As if you haven’t got enough to do already, Brighton is also a favourite place and worth a visit as I grew up there and it is great to get down to the beach. xxx


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