What to do with a Toddler in London on a super Hot day?

Thursday we had a mummy – daughter day scheduled as the passed days we had to stay in for lot’s of parcels pick-ups from our lovely customers ordering in our closing down sales. On our way to Starbucks (it felt like ages since I had a coffee) we bought Peppa Pig: My Mummy book and Fashion Long Ago (Usborne Sticker Dolly Dressing) . We nestled with our coffee in the comfy seats and we did some pages of the sticker book. I was surprised she actually was that interest and how attentive she was to the information, repeating the words used -even mummy learned some English vocabulary here, which in meanwhile I have forgotton- and she could tell and recall the Pharao lived in the country of Ancient Egypt and that he wore golden beaded necklaces etc. I was utterly amazed how she was picking it up! After 2 pages I was determined that taking her to the Fashion Museum would be a good call.

Me and my Peppa Pig BookAt the entrance she liked the Rodin statue so much that she actually asked to pose in front of it, however she wouldn’t keep her top down…

Rodin StatueIn the book mentioned above we had seen the clothing from Early Spain and we had pointed out the funny trousers the man had and at the Victoria and Albert she found them again!

IMG_4627She was a little scared of the Samurai, but I asked her to look closer and started explaining the threads and the beads on the skirt.

IMG_4629IMG_4630She was intrigued by this little statue of a baby on a motorbike and asked me about it, but I really could not explain it!

IMG_4634We talked about the differents of drawings on the clothing: printed with paint, embroidered with yarn or beaded with sequins, which she seemed to understand. Dragons and emporers in China, to burkahs covering all up in the Middle East. We spoke about culture and which friends of mine whom she knows have a similar or same culture etc.




We also visited the Italian Fashion exhibition, at the movie where they showed spinning yarns on industrial level, to put them on warps to weave fabrics, she started singing wind the Bobin up, which sort of shows she could grasp the link between the 2! I am so proud of her!

Ethans Escapades


After all that learning she was hungry -hungry for sweet that is- and they had lush chocolate cakes and everyone was just sitting in the courtyard with the younger kids playing in the water. It was awesome! The little one seemed her normal self going to make friends and playing straight away, I could tell that in the beginning she was trying not to wet her trousers like I asked but soon another boy splat her so she went all in! She had so so so much fun!



What a wonderful day we’ve had! The V&A is definitely worthwhile with a toddler and she keeps referring to it as the clothes museum.

So we have 4 on our chart now: hippo museum, dinosaur museum, rocket museum and clothes :)

I love my girl!



4 responses to “What to do with a Toddler in London on a super Hot day?

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely mummy-daughter day, it’s so special to have these days together and you can tell how much you enjoyed yourself from your post. It is amazing what they take out of museums even at such a small age and it’s great that the London museums are free so you can dip in and out without thinking you’ve spent a fortune of entry tickets & not made the most of them! A lovely post #SSAmazingAchievements


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