Moominsummer Madness at the Polka Theatre

The Polka Kids Theatre is absolutely amazing!

Wimbledon has the most lovely Kids Theatre, it’s absolutely brilliant! It was the first time we went and I regret not going more often for some play time in the passed year. If you haven’t been yet, you can even go to just hang out even without going to see a play! The cafetaria offers lot’s of different food and drinks suitable for grown-ups and little ones, served in a train shaped table setting!

They have an amazing playground with a climbing frame a historical play house and most important a big home made ball track!  And we all know how much I love wooden ball tracks! (Making one of those is going on my #Bucketlist, let’s hope I get to it, before the toddler is no longer interested). Sadly I could not take a picture of the ball track as lot’s of children were having fun popping balls up and down.

Moomin Summer Madness puppet play!

Honestly I had never come across a Moomin book before, but the round characters are so attractive on imagine that you got to love them instantly! Honestly going to see the play might was just giving me an extra reason to buy a little cuddly toy as a souvenir for the toddler me.

At the Polka Theatre they have plays for different ages and Moominsummer Madness is aimed for 4+ however, they have some sessions where all ages can attend and the toddler aged 34 months loved every part of it!


When we entered the set was already magical and gave her lot’s to talk about. The Moomin puppets were adorable and even from far away you could see they were of exquisite quality.

Moomins-Press-PhotoThe puppeteers brought them to live and mastered the arms, movements and voices extremely well. The emotions of the puppets became clear with their movements and voices, it was just marvellous.

IMG_4911There were a lot of songs and the set was reorganised seamlessly.  I was really surprised with the high quality of the play even when ‘just for kids’! Much better then the plays I remember having seen with school.

I recommend reading up on the story and telling it to the kids before seeing the play as I am quite sure the toddler couldn’t follow the story, but she was mesmerised all the same. I was really pleased she sat through the entire show.

IMG_4916For a preview of the play have a look here, who would not fall in love with the Moomins?

I think seeing a puppet play makes it much more easier to engage kids to do their own character puppet play with lovely puppets. Even getting their own theater… sssttt don’t tell anyone but at the sale of the toy shop end July we kept one of them on the side for our own little one’s Christmas!

I would love to go see another show with the toddler before we have to move out our house and start our single mum journey abroad. Maybe if I save up we can make it to Skitterbang Island in time!

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