Potty Training business!

At the age of two, our pickle sat down on the potty because she wanted to. Over the next months some days we were able to encourage her to have a try whenever we went, the results were hit and miss.

One day she declared she did not want nappies anymore.
“Great! So are you going on the potty? ”
“No mom, not interested in this potty training business”

Well that was it, she really refused going on the potty she was “to busy playing”
What followed was accident after accident without disturbing her and then weeks of strubbeling to get her to wear a nappy or to go on the potty.

Fast forward two months. Thursday morning she declared: “I am doing my potty training !”
That first day went brilliant everything in the potty. Second day we had grandad over and I was more multi tasking but I swear I wanted to applaud when she shouted :”mommy mommy I did a wee in daddy’s room” (till the house is sold he is temporarily occupying a mattress on the floor in our previous living room).
We cleaned it up. While talking to grandad we heard :” mommy …. I got a kaka”
” oh no Chloe, you need to tell us so we can help you go on the potty…” Then I burst out in laughter as I saw her treasure on top of daddy’s bed.

I got told I was not allowed to enter his room anymore so I was very tempted to leave the surprise (he was supposed to bring bread home the night before on his way home from work for breakfast so I could stay in with Chloe and help her potty train, instead he had come home at midnight – 3 days in a row now – without any bread. )

Before I could stop laughing grandad kindly tidied it up. But she got me back the next day while we were both in the bath …. The joys of raising a toddler and how not to potty train….

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