Emirates Air Line and the O2 area

I always wanted to do this! We passed here so often on the DLR when taken the plane Antwerp-London City airport, but the bloke was never interest. I forgot to put on my blog #bucketlist, but so when I googled the prices it was actually very cheap. So I booked the flight straight away. Have you ever been here?

Getting to the O2 by public transport

Total travel from Wimbledon was under 40 minutes and hence I dare to leave the pushchair at home. From Waterloo the jubilee line gets to Greenwich North tube station extremely quickly and you arrive at the O2 entrance! Perfect walking distances for a 2 year old. Lots of big squares, not overcrowded and hardly any traffic on the road along side. Perfect for running around and pretend running away from mommy. – I never (uhum) give in to it! –



The O2 has lots of eateries open at Lunch time even if there are no other events in the O2 at all. A little strange to me as the area did not feel fully developed residential or office wise, but all restaurants and snack bars had customers.

Visiting the O2


At the end of the street was the boarding building for the cable cars and we could pass straight through, our boarding passes could be scanned from my phone. Everything smooth and easy (and kids go free, like with the regular Oyster card and London transport rules).

The views on the 02, Canary Wharf and the docks are stunning and the toddler loved every minute of it. Talking about what she could see (overground trains, big red buss, taxi, people, rubbish, recycling centre, river, boats, containers, …) . From the air it looks like you are visiting a miniature city like you have at Legoland or MiniEurope in Brussels, and I loved it to (a train, a train, … did I ever mention that at any point in my life I wanted to be a traffic engineer?)




At the North Side of the river Themes, there is a beach … as usual I forgot to put her swimming costume in my bag, which is prepared ready to take out everywhere, just in case there is water activities for cooling overheated toddlers.




And The Crystal building, the most sustainable building in London hosting an exhibition about sustainability and urbanisation. Honestly the best exhibition set-up I have seen in London since coming here, really interesting and calm and quiet enough to actually stand still and read something, rather then constantly being worried you will a) loose your child or b) your purse like in the Science or National History Museum.  I loved it so much I will write a separate blog post about the exhibition.Siemens Crystal


And on the North side there is also a van with very overpriced Ice-Cream, … as the toddlers face probably reflected my feelings …

IMG_5149All-in-all we absolutely loved the Emirates Air Line and we wanted to give it a big thumbs up, but the toddler is still practising :)


What have you been up to today?


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