The Crystal urban sustainable living

Siemens CrystalI found this exhibition by accident when landing the Emirates Air Line in London, and I was suprised I had not seen it advertised anywhere in the passed years.  The exhibition was absolutely brilliant. It was interactive and kept the toddler entertained for 2 full hours! It focused on all aspects of the current growing population and demography up till 2050. It points out the environmental challenges we face and displays how they can be solved and visualises how architects and scientists predict the look of the cities in the future.

The Exhibition

And adult ticket costs £8.00 but to my surprise you received a hard cover book so you can read up on everything you see in the exhibition.

Visiting The Crystal - Sustainable cities



The first thing you see is coloured baulb which you can enter on the first floor. It shows a really impressive video. The little one was fine with it, but it might be scary for some younger children. It had high impact on me and I tried to capture a part on camera, but it is much more capturing live.

Interactive Exhibition

The exhibition is describing the main challenges cities now and in the future face; energy, water supply, transport and commuting, leisure activities and green as well as how to protect the cities from violence and fires.

Sustainable Cities exhibition in London

The screens are activated by a oyster type card which you receive at the entrance. Familiar useage for the toddler which she eagerly put into practice. The computes offer a mix of informative lecture, interactive simulations and are all touch screens.





I am not sure if the toddler understood any of it, but it sure captured her attention for 2 hours! Have you ever seen an exhibition with a toddler for 2 hours while not having a the buggy with you?

If you haven’t been on the Cable cars yet, it’s a perfect day out in combination with this exhibition! Book it in!

If the children are a little older they might even enjoy climbing the top of the O2 !


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