Point + Shoot : Oxford Castle is not a castle!

Day trip from London to Oxford

Visiting Oxford has been on my bucket list since we came to the Uk. Considering Grandma lives further up North and she only had one free day for seeing the toddler before our big move to Belgium, Oxford city was the perfect place to meet. We were a little un-prepared and decided to let our feet guide us.

Oxford Museum of Modern Art

We passed the museum of Modern Art Oxford. It has space to host one artist at a time and comes across more as an Art Gallery. But it is lovely all the same. IMG_5190 Artist Barbara Kruger is challenging  the general state of mind and internal thoughts in bold typography. IMG_5191 IMG_5192

Oxford University

We strolled along the university the toddlers father swore he wanted her to go to, however meanwhile he declared only to pay alimentation till 16 or 18…  We’ll see what happens, after all we do have false impression a genius child :) IMG_5198Social as the toddler is she ran off to join a group of Asian students or a school camp where she very soon made herself the centre of the attention. What followed was ‘cute’ ‘cute’ ‘snap’ ‘snap’ … they all started chasing her with their camera’s and she was working it. Playing shy, then posing, running off + repeat. The paparazzi kids loved it and kept chasing her. After a while  I put her in the push chair upon they were still pushing a camera in her face and I actually had to tell them: “Stop, lovely that you played with her, but that’s enough pictures now…” IMG_5201 Walking around the parks of the university is really lovely, just pay attention to either plan for a loooong walk or not to bring a pushchair, as the pedestrian paths are gated and impossible to squeeze any push chair through which is larger then a folded McLaren. But all in all, I really think Oxford is worth visiting and you should definitely be here! IMG_5208

IMG_5209Oxford Castle

In the morning we had already passed Oxford Castle and planned to visit it later that day. The toddler was all excited about going to a castle but we were quite disappointed when entering with the guided tour: The guide was lovely and really brought the story about the castle to life, but in the first 10 minute speech on the ground floor of the tower, you heard how in fact it once used to be a castle but really all there is left is the tower and the prison attached. The second 10 minute on the first floor of the tower talks about life in prison and mysterious surrounding them. After climbing the remainder of the 100 stairs you had a view over Oxford from the roof. Before ticket purchasing there are no signs of age restrictions, but at the bottom of the tower’s stairs it then says, that it is only accessible for over 5’s. Having bought 2 adult tickets and knowing there is not much more then the tower we decided to let the nearly 3y old go up the steps anyway. Holding hands and walking in front of us on the narrow steps it all went fine. Her legs could cope, however she mentioned on several occasions she was a little worried about falling. On the way down she was even more scared. But all in all it went fine. IMG_5224The prison part was small but gave a very good view on how prison life was like. The most interesting was that it was still used until the late nineties, which was quite impressive. Oxford Prison IMG_5232


IMG_5239    Point+Shoot_snowingindoors.com


3 responses to “Point + Shoot : Oxford Castle is not a castle!

  1. I’ve never been to the castle – well, been to the hotel, and danced in the courtyard, eaten there etc, but not actually in or up the mound. Must do it at some point. They have some great events there.


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