Carrot Conversations with a Cheeky toddler


– Miss Smartypants: Mommy carrot carrot carrot (she has been spoilt lately with having carrotsticks before bedtime
– Me: You can have the fish you did not eat at dinner
– She: I want carrot now
– I frown
– She: I want carrot now PLEASE ( SHOUTING )
– Me: We don’t have any carrot left
– She: Then get a delivery
– Me: Delivery does not come this late at night.
– She: yes they do mommy, Indian and Chinese do – maybe they can bring carrots
– Me: No the foodshopping does not come now
– She: Yes it comes in the morning before breakfast, order some carrots on the puter (computer)
– Me: We just had a delivery yesterday, we can not order again yet, as it costs to much money to get a delivery from the supermarket for just carrots (in uk food deliveries over 40 pound are free)
– She: then get me a cucumber to…




2 responses to “Carrot Conversations with a Cheeky toddler

    • Oh no she also totally does the not eating dinner and eating pudding to. But somehow she is eating carrots like no tomorrow. It’s the sort of snack I do not say no to, and considering my mother heart is incapable of letting her go to bed hungry, I do give in when she asks for something just before bed and the carrot sticks are healthier and less messy then bread sticks or dry crackers! At the moment she is eating 4-6 carrots a day and you can tell from the residu ;) eeewww


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