Point+Shoot: a lovely relaxing weekend!

After a long time silence on the blog due to the cross country move, settling into new routines and places. So one month later we are back to blogging and joining in with Point+Shoot: Snapping our weekend on the Iphone and sharing…


We had a lovely Saturday, getting up early to get to the toddlers school party around Saint Michaels day. All parents and children gather to build a GIANT sand castle, there is a big group game for the primary school children while most toddlers gathered shells, mine was running across the beach, splashing in the sea. Very soon her wellies and jeans got all soaked and she continued in her underpants which is happening more and more frequently. We rescued a crab from a seagull who had flown him onto the beach, but then left him behind when we stepped closer to see what it was. The crab was still feeling very alerted, raising his scissors when I held my hand over its head.





We drew letters in the sand with our fingers, with shells and footprints. I love how much she adores learning and how she request to incorporate letters in everyday play. She also made a letter V for Veronique, of course… but the big D word did not get mentioned and she has not shown any interest in writing it either. IMG_6605


In the late morning everyone made a big circle to look at a mini play performed by the 4th graders where a brave knight, rescued the captured princess from a giant Dragon. Followed by a Giant picnic with home-baked buns and loads of home-made juice. The kindergarten class had their own picnic blanket and the 8 toddlers, their parents and siblings all gathered together.



IMG_6622‘Sunparks’ very similar to the belgian Centre parks but a coastal division was very nearby, so Chloe and I went for a dip, and after months of fear in the pool with her clinging onto my neck as if her life was dependent on it, she finally relaxed more in the water (I have been to he swimming pool with her weekly since back in Belgium) and eventually actually paddle kick swam a meter towards me. We went on the wild water slide together which she thoroughly enjoyed and we relaxed in the hot tub. I had a waterfall massage and some tension released from me to. We both really had a wonderful time.

To top it off we met up with a friend in Bruges to go to the best ice cream place! Da Vinci! I admit it, I am a little addicted to it, and if you ever come to visit me / Bruges a trip there will be obligatory. I couldn’t not share!

Sunday was more relaxed with up and down moods for both me and the toddler. Hers because her dad didn’t call unless the Skype call was booked. Mine because it is my last day being 29. The highlight of the day was probably a walk to a nearby play ground and washing the car with all the toddler and her 9-year-old cousin. Whom she adores and looks up to very much!




So happy to finally be able to have a post suitable to link up with Country Kids! Living in London did not make us go into nature very often. And currently the toddler and I are spending much more time outdoors in the forest, beach etc… woohoo my First Country Kids post at last!
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


4 responses to “Point+Shoot: a lovely relaxing weekend!

  1. It sounds like you have settled in and are happy with lots of countryside around you. The beaches look amazing there and what a wonderful event with the local school. Great snaps on the i phone, sometimes they can be the best photos! Delighted to welcome you to Country Kids, please do join me again.


  2. What a great post, you guys seen so busy since you moved, I’m jealous you live so close to the beach! I will remember your promise to take visitors to eat amazing ice cream and hold you to that when I come over!!
    Thanks for joining in with Point + Shoot and happy birthday xx


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