Potty training in one week totally worked, after a year of trying

How we tried to potty train our toddler

My toddler has always really had a mind of her own, learning when she wanted do some things really early (crawling at 6 months, talking at 18m) and others rather late. She chooses for everything to do it in her time, guidelines from mummy or others are mostly disregarded. She could bluntly ignore dinner times and be opening the fridge once we all left the table, and potty training is one of those things, we as parents had absolutely no control over. As you can see from the potty training business post.

To summarise: she had gone on the potty before she was 2, then totally fooled us by going on the potty whenever it suited her. Followed by weeks of saying she wasn’t interested in “potty training business”, days of refusing to wear a nappy but simultaneously refusing the potty, which were the worst days as she just did business wherever she was playing. When we tried sticker charts, the answer was: “not interested in stickers”. Did she want a new toy? “No thanks, got plenty” (she had a point…)

Potty training was clearly not working

We kept telling her that she wouldn’t be able to become 3 years old unless she went on the potty. Nothing. Then the break-up came and the health visitor advised not to try anymore, we moved to Belgium, friends and family were commenting on my parenting. Chloe announced she found the potty to dirty, a kids psychologist said to wait for a couple of months till after we had moved to the new house etc…

…and then suddenly last Tuesday she got up in the morning with a big announcement. “Today I don’t need a nappy, I am going to wear my knickers without a nappy.” When I was asking if she was going to go potty then, I heard my own thoughts repeating earlier scenarios and fearing for a day full of wee and poo everywhere. But no the reply was: ” Yes I am going to do my morning wee right now! ”

She potty trained herself at 3

I was stunned, she did weed, poured it out herself, wanted to clean her own bum, flush and get on with it.  The passed 7 days we had 3 tiny accidents, mainly because she was playing with lot’s of cousins on Sunday, but other then that it has been very successful, but only without pressure. If we ask her to go she gets angry. She knows, she chooses, she goes.

Some days she likes to go herself in her own time and usually only comes to tell me afterwards that she has been. Other days our girlie girl insists that her cousin and her go simultaneously, one on the big toilet and her on the small potty, or accompanied by mummy, after all that’s what girls do right?

So in order for her not to be upset later in life that I posted a picture of her on the potty, here is one from when I was young: niki potty

Ethans Escapades

6 responses to “Potty training in one week totally worked, after a year of trying

  1. Well done to your girl!
    I found with my two that they did it when they were ready and trying to hurry it along didn’t help. How lovely that she just decided and went for it.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements


    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting …. in the sequel gone life today, it did not go that well – she swapped back to nappies for the weekend, and back in knickers during the week! Weird stubborn child!


  2. How amazing that she decided now was the time, I’m a true believer that children do things when they are ready and not before! She really has cracked it. Congratulations x

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


  3. well done on being potty trained! It just goes to show that our children known when they’re ready and when they’re not and you can#t push them onto the next level if they themselves aren’t ready. Hurrah!!


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