Point+shoot: daddy his first visit and airing out in the park

Visiting Aquatopia Antwerp

Saturday the toddlers dad came over for a first visit since we left the uk. Even though in the first weeks she was really distressed about not seeing him the actual visit passed very normal. No excess emotions, she patiently waited with us (he was an hour late) and me and my aunt joined them to the aquarium, as advised by the kids psychologist, as the visits aren’t frequent enough and she needs to know I am always around apparently and not to forget he never registered as her father.

snake skin


When we had to leave there was no drama, she was happy to come with me again and has been easy the entire evening and next day to.

3 is totally Cinderella Age

We build the Lego Cinderella castle her father gave her and it is so so so gorgeous.


So on Sunday we went for a stroll in a local park (English would call it a garden), and we took some pictures of her Cinderella dress she currently wears in the house on daily basis in combination with her crown she got for her birthday from her teacher, so cute!


cinderella dress



How has your weekend been?



2 responses to “Point+shoot: daddy his first visit and airing out in the park

  1. Aw what a beautiful birthday girl in the park there. I love the expressions you have captured and her wonderful dressing up for the occasion. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


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