How to host a birthday party on a budget when you are homeless

My favourite angel daughter was turning 3 end of September. But after the break-up in the UK we were sort of homeless. We can’t rent unless we have a full time work contract, but I can’t work till I had a fixed address. Social services only offered shelters before going on a waiting list to rent. So how did we make a fabulous birthday party then?

First of all I must add that my aunt offered to host us for a couple of months. We had to wait till the funds of the house sale in the UK were in Belgium before we could put an offer in on a new house. After the offer exchange happens within 7 days in Belgium and completion is usually 3-4 months after, but we got an express deal, meaning we can already move in End this month. But still I had no place to host friends and family and to give Chloe the birthday she deserved.

So 2 days in advance I started cooking cake at my aunts. She has one of those fabulous old school Kenwood mixers and I totally fell in love with the machine. Making icing was never as easy! Vintage Kenwood mixer

I made a normal birthday cake and a chocolate cake.

Simple Minnie Mouse Birthday cake


Chocolate cake

Chololate cake with maltesers


The day itself I packed the cakes in the car and drove to a cafetaria with a big playground within walking distance of our soon to be new house. All Chloe’s best friends were invited; It’s so great that all my best friends from my youth and my age have children of exactly the same age as our toddler and she meanwhile considers those kids as her best friends to.

We had a drink and a pancake from the cafetaria and sneaked her cake to our table, so she could have the joy of blowing out Birthday candles and eating specially made for the occasion home-made cake.

Blowing birthday candles

After the celebration we walked to our soon to be house (kids group picture), and into the forest bordering it’s back garden.

Our back neighbour is a long goat, who amused us all by peeing and trying to drink from it.

Long haired goatWe found a big camp made from wood and I am sure we will be playing there a lot more in the future.





We then moved on to the nearby free Kid’s farm and all asked me to eat the other cake which the cafetaria did’nt let us (totally understandable, but I did offer them to pay if we were allowed to eat our own cakes, but they said no anyway). Resulting in us all eating cake with our hands directly out of my car boot :) . This is what I love about my own circle of friends, this is totally acceptable in the circumstances, we just get on with it and have fun. We all enjoyed the cake and no-one complained (in my face ;) ).


At the kid’s farm there is free access to the goat field, which is lovely for petting the animals.

Kids farm Belgium Bruges






I think it has been a lovely day out and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves on a lovely day out and about which is why I am linking up with #countrykids.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


9 responses to “How to host a birthday party on a budget when you are homeless

  1. In spite the circumstances, you still managed to have a lovely birthday party for your daughter! :) And by the way, eating cake with your hands is so much fun too ;) I’m sure the kids absolutely loved it. Hope things get sorted for you and your lovely family soon! :) #countrykids.


  2. It’s great that you managed to get out and enjoy some time together. What a fabulous day you had on such a tight budget with no easy place to start from. It looks like Chloe had a brilliant time despite all the hardships you have had to work through recently. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.


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