Point+Shoot: Cooking on a Rainy day and eating it all the day after

Saturday morning we were really stuck for ideas on what to do as it was raining a lot and we still weren’t in our own house. So crafting wasn’t an option. The toddler -meanwhile dressed in her cinderella dress again– suggested to practice her letters and words and to make it even more complicated she insisted on reading a Dutch book. One must know, she is familiar with the English letters, and only started learning Dutch in September… but we don’t want to block her thirst for knowledge by pushing for another book. So we compared letters from her book with her letter blocks.

Disney Micky Mouse Clubhouse book

We then started preparing the Sunday dinner as the rest of the family is coming over tomorrow. I’ve blogged my aunts awesome Belgian Osso Bucco recipe here.

And then me and the toddler went on to make Red Velvet cupcakes for the very first time. Kenwood vintage mixer

how to make red velvet cake


red velvet cake

The toddler tasted before I finished all the other ones, in no time it was finished, I scored huge mummy points, at least it wasn’t a wasted rainy day!


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